04.24. Lionna server opened!

Our first server of L2 Blood Chronicles series named Lionna is finally launched.

Today at 6:00 pm UTC+1 everything starts. This is the culmination of our many months of efforts to provide players the best level of gameplay. Now everyone can enjoy the game on our first Lineage 2 server. Good luck and good fight everyone!

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03.20. The Stella Rebellion event.

New forces are emerging on the horizon that want to mark their dominance in the kingdom!

The bright elf Stella gathers her devoted soldiers to take over power from the very beginning. Who is she and what gives her the right to the throne? Force? Support? Blood? Ask her yourself if you have enough courage!

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02.05. Release date of Lionna server announced.

Our first server Lionna is finnaly on the way! It all will starts 2020.04.24 at 6:00 pm UTC+1.

Sharpen your sword and be ready for the adventure! This spring will be hot so be vigilant until then!

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01.15. First phase of Closed Beta Tests announced.

The Closed Beta Test will start on Friday at 6:00 pm UTC+1 and will last for 2 weeks.

It will be an opportunity for us to test the features and changes in the game mechanics that we have made in recent months. All progress achieved during this time will be preserved. Have fun!

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