The Game Concept

Series of Servers

Low-Grade PvP Server(Lionna) is the first in a series of servers from L2 Blood Chronicles. There will be 3 more, each with diffrent level cap, modifyed gameplay and adapted to that limit. Each of them will be released within a 6 - 9 months from previous one. This is the full list of servers declared by L2 Blood Chronicles project:

Fights for Insignium

There is many things in L2 world you could conquer, but we wanted to add something unique and special. On our servers all major towns has special construct - The Insignium.

It's a column located in central point of town, which is object of competition between clans. Once enemy Insignium is destroyed, the Town is captured, and your own is spawned. That generates certain adena income per hour for every member of your clan. The competition lasts continuously 24 hours per day, so protect your Insignium, keep your city or accept defeat.